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With JingTai fog generator you can can be sure that your 

property is under reliable protection 

What are the advantages of the fog generators?

Easy installation and operation

You don't need to be a professional to install and use a fog generator

Harmless security fog

The security fog system leaves no

residue and doesn't damage equipment and furniture around. The fog secures the area for at least 45 minutes


Integrated HD camera, two-way audio communication,  motion sensors, 

posibility to integrate the device with an existing security system, smartphone App


The fog formula is discharged in 1 second and it secures the 150 m3 area in 5 seconds.

Economical efficiency

JingTai fog formula doesn’t need to be preheated before operation. It saves electricity and money

Modern design

JingTai fog generators have a modern design and can match any environment perfectly

Control the fog system via your smartphone

  1. Download the App from Play Google or AppStore
  2. Connect the App to your fog generator via WI-FI
  3. Operate one or several devices at the same time
  4. Using the App you can: 

  • arm or disarm the device
  • activate or disactivate the embedded PIR-sensors
  • activate the alarm sound and the two-way audio communication
  • record videos and take photos of the protected area
  • get push notifications
  • activate the security fog

What model to choose?

Multifunctional generator 


  • camera with night LED
  • IR motion sensors
  • two-way audio communication
  • network interfaces for communication
  • WiFi module for controlling, operating and activating the fog generator via smartphone App

Fog generators JTZ-501P, 


  • posibility to integrate the device with an existing security system or the multifunctional generator JT-043S
  • wireless remote controller/panic button (depends on a model)
  • WiFi module

Where can the fog generators be used?

  • In any room with an area of up to 150 m3 (a single generator)
  • You can connect up to 8 JTZ-501P generators to JT-043S generator in order to spread the protected area up to 1350 м3

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